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Rev John Urquhart   01968 382116    stmungos@freeuk.com

St. Mungo's Church, High Street, Penicuik, EH26 8HS
E.Marchant 19 Mauricewood Rise  Penicuik
G.MacDonald 3 Bavelaw Crescent  Penicuik
I.Dickson 39 Pencuik Road  Roslin
J.D.Paterson 254 Rullion Road  Penicuik
Mrs A.Ovenstone 94 Windsor Drive  Penicuik
Mrs M.Paterson 39 Bellwood Road  Penicuik
Mrs S.Haig 8 Broomhill Road  Penicuik
Mrs. M.Black 16 Wyvis Park  Penicuik
 Mrs C. Jackson  39 Bavelaw Crescent  Penicuik
Mrs. M.Webster 21 Mauricewood Bank  Penicuik
R.Meikle 98 Pentland Terrace  Penicuik
W.Webster 21 Mauricewood Bank  Penicuik
J.Hogg 82 Eskhill Penicuik
D.Paterson 5 Waulkmill View Penicuik
Mrs A. Haggart79 Eskhill Penicuik
Mr N Cape63 Carlops Road Penicuik
Mrs J. Cape63 Carlops Road Penicuik
Mrs E. Jacobs10 Mauricewood Bank Penicuik

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Elders Monthly Rota - 2018

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Advisory Contacts

Finance All church financial matters
F. Duns.

Fabric Ensure all buildings in good repair. Draw up plan of maintenance
Grounds Ensure grounds kept tidy
Publicity / Social Ensure all church events get maximum publicity. Assist social committee.
Mrs. A.Ovenstone, Mrs M. Black, Mr. J.Paterson, 
Outreach Look for opportunities to reach out to those outside the congregation and report these to the Kirk Session.
Mrs M.Webster, W.Webster 

Convenors of advisory teams are responsible for calling meetings and reporting to the Kirk Session. Finance, Fabric, and Publicity/Social report to the Congregational Board.

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Church Office Bearers

Rev  John Urquhart

10, Fletcher Grove, Penicuik

01968 382116
Session Clerk: 
M. Webster 

21 Mauricewood Bank Penicuik  

01968 672347  
Clerk to Congregational Board
Mrs. F. Hutcheson
Uttershill House, Pomathorn Rd, Penicuik

4 Hunters Hill, Penicuik

Church Officer,
Newsletter Editor & Publisher,
Webmaster, Facebook, and Twitter publisher
Jim Paterson
254 Rullion Road Penicuik 01968 672644
Organist/Choir Leader: 
Mrs. E. Marchant

19, Mauricewood Rise, Penicuik

01968 673634  

Prayer Secretary
. Bill Webster

21 Mauricewood Bank Penicuik  

01968 672347  

F. W. 0. Envelope Convener: 

94 Windsor Drive, Penicuik

8 672387

Gift and Covenant Convener: 
Mr. F. Duns

Clerk to the Board: 
Mrs.  M. Webster

21 Mauricewood Bank Penicuik  

01968 672347
Sunday School Superintendent: Mrs. A. Ovenstone  
94, Windsor Drive, Penicuik

01968 672387  
Roll Keeper: 
Mr. J. Jacobs

Mauricewood Bank Penicuik

Pastoral Care Conveners
Mrs. M. Webster  

21 Mauricewood Bank Penicuik  

01968 672347  

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Joint Presidents
Mrs. A.Ovenstone
Mrs S.Haig

94 Windsor Drive, Penicuik
8 Broomhill Road, Penicuik


Mrs. Christine Jackson

39 Bavelaw Crescent, Penicuik

Mrs. Margaret Black.
16 Wyvis Park, Penicuik  

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Updated 23 July 2018

Penicuik: St. Mungo's Parish Church (Church of Scotland). Scottish Charity No SC005838