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Celebration of Gifts Exhibition  - 8 April 2017

The Celebration of Gifts weekend on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th April, started with an exhibition in the church hall. Aimed at displaying the range of activities and use of the church hall, as a centre for many community events, allowed visitors to see how members of St. Mungo's were working in our community, to be a centre of spiritual support, spreading the word of God, and also a practical venue supporting those in need.

Visitors were welcomed by displays presented by the church spiritual team,  Bible Study and House Group, Pastoral Care, Messy Church, Sunday School, Guild and Church Readers (Bible passage readers).

The more practical side of St. Mungo's activities included, Friendship Circle, Tea/Coffee after the service, Newsletter 'Mungo Messenger', Website, Facebook and Twitter publications. The social committee also create the range of activities for our enjoyment throughout the year. These include Burns Night's, Summer and
Christmas Fairs, Christmas Hampers, St. Andrews Nights, Quiz Nights, and our annual Sponsored Walk which takes us to interesting places around Midlothian. Keeping all this clean and tidy is the role of the cleaners who are essential to keeping our church and hall tidy. They are always on the lookout for more volunteers.

Other teams looking after those in need included the Knitting team, who support Blythswood Trust annual shoebox appeal sending a selection of hand knitted hats, gloves, scarves and blankets to those in Eastern Europe who are on the poverty line and cold in winter. Food Facts Friends Project who use the hall provide food for those in our local community who are often destitute and in need, along with help on who to contact for further assistance. 

The Guides, Brownies, and Rainbows displayed their range of activities, whilst Christian Aid,, displayed the appeals currently being well supported in our church.

The Ceilidh Dancing presented a video of their activity, led by Anabelle Oates, which
runs from  October to March in the church hall. This was joined by the Tap Dancing activity which also uses the church hall each week.

The Treasurer was also on hand to explain how all these facilities are financially supported and how much it costs to keep the church running smoothly. As with most churches St. Mungo's runs a deficit, outgoings exceed income, and financial gifts as well as personal talents and time are always welcome.

Over in the church our organist Eileen Marchant held an Organ Recital, playing a selection of music, some of which has

been, and can be heard before and after our Sunday morning services and during any interludes. Pieces included Haydn 'Musical Clocks', three items from Vierne, 'Interludes 1 and 3', with 'Petit Carillon', amongst others that included Boellmann, Hurford, Rawsthorne, Zippoli, and Bonighton.

The ladies had been busy on the home baking and a range of savouries and cakes were on hand with tea and coffee for the visitors to refresh themselves.

Christian Aid display

Ceilidh group display

Bible Study group

Updated - 10 April 2017
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