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Erecting the Clock
The Church Organ
About St. Mungo

        Penicuik by the Pentlands

For more about Penicuik visit the Penicuik Community Development Trust website

The ruins in the Churchyard are the remains of the pre Reformation St. Mungo's Parish Church. The Presbytery minutes of 1648 indicate that the Church and Manse were in dire need or repair and over the following 10 years major rebuilding took place.

In 1743, it is recorded Sir John Clerk added an aisle to the Church and had built the Romanesque tower or steeple which still stands to this day. However only portions of the Church walls remain and those have been incorporated in burial enclosures.

The bell tower houses a 5cwt bronze bell gifted in 1680 by John Anderson, an Edinburgh merchant. In 1970 the bell required repairs, but before these took place it was stolen. Luckily it was recovered by the Police and rehung in 1975. In 1887 the vault on the ground floor of the tower was used as a cell to incarcerate rogues and thieves for the night.

By the middle of the 18th century, this Church had become too small for the increased population of Penicuik and the foundation stone of the present Church was laid on 15th. August1770.

With the development of the paper making industry, an increase in population necessitated an extension in 1837, giving a further 300 seats. In 1876, the opening of iron ore pits around Penicuik led to another enlargement in 1880.

The clock was erected in 1844 at a cost of £63, 5s 1d  thus providing a very useful village time keeper.

The organ was installed in 1887. Records show the instrument itself cost £250 with fitting costs off £111, 12s. 1d.

We are delighted that this fine organ is still leading us in our worship today.

454 years of co
ntinuous ministry. 33 ministers, with an average term of 15 years 5 months. The longest preaching for no less than 51 years, the shortest approx 1 year.


St. Kentigern Church – pre reformation . Continuous ministry from 1556 – 1760

Dates Years Name
1556-1567 11 Penicuike
1567-1576 9 Rev. Durie
1576-1580 4 Rev. Barbour
1580-1592 12 Rev. Taylor
1592-1599 7 Rev. Galbraith
1599-1630 31 Rev. French
1630-1639 9 Rev. Sinclair
1639-1654 15 Rev. Sibbald
1654-1656 2 Rev. Robertson
1656-1664 8 Rev. Dalgarno
1664-1683 19 Rev. Hamilton
1683-1690 7 Rev. Mercer
1690-1695 5 Rev. Fermer
1695-1746 51 Rev. McGeorge
1746-1760 24 Rev.Brown

St Mungo’s Parish Church – built 1771 . Ministers from 1760  

Dates Years Name
1760-1772 12 Rev. Goldie
1772-1798 26 Rev. McCourtney
1798-1799 1 Rev. Ritchie
1799-1830 31 Rev. Coulson
1830-1854 24 Rev. Scott Moncrieff
1854-1856 2 Rev. A.Thomson
1856-1864 8 Rev. Home
1864-1886 22 Rev. Imrie
1886-1888 2 Rev. Dow
1888-1927 39 Rev. R.Thomson
1927-1935 8 Rev. Wm. Landale
1935-1960 25 Rev. R.Stewart Couper
1960-1984 24 Rev. A.J.Richmond
1984-2003 19 Rev. W.D.Irving
2003-2004 1 Rev. William Brown (Locum)
2004- 2007  3 Rev. Ron Smith
2007- 2009 2 Rev John Stevenson (Locum)
2009 -2012  3 Rev. Geoff Berry

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Penicuik: St. Mungo's Parish Church (Church of Scotland). Scottish Charity No SC005838