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Agnes Ovenstone

Sheila Haig

Christine Jackson

Margaret Black

St. Mungo's Guild 90th Anniversary - 27 October 2018

St. Mungo's Guild celebrated is 90th anniversary on Saturday 27th October with an afternoon tea in the church hall.

Over 70 people joined the gathering to enjoy a well stocked afternoon tea,with sandwiches, cakes, tea and coffee refreshments.  Our minister Rev John Urquhart said the Grace, and senior Guild member Avis Anderson cut the specially baked 90th anniversary fruit cake, which was baked by Guild member Joyce Hunter. Everyone must have enjoyed the cake with their afternoon tea, as none was left at the end of the day!  

Agnes Ovenstone, Sheila Haig, Margaret Black, and Christine Jackson told us some of the highlights in the history of the Guild from its beginnings in 1928.

St. Mungo's Guild was inaugurated  by Rev William Landale on 19th September 1928,  when a committee of 15 women was formed, from the 103 women and 63 girls who attended the church, there was no church hall at that time. Some of the committee ladies resigned the following week, and Sheila wondered if their husbands had anything to do with that!

The first event was a social in the Cowan Institute for which they sold 450 of the 500 tickets printed. With catering provided by the Co-op it  was great success. This set the shape of things to come and what we see today.

Buying vases for flowers in the church quickly followed, another activity that continues today. The first Sale of Work was held in May 1929, which raised over £173, a lot of money in those days. The first year income was almost £362, of which the Guild donated £200 toward the cost of a church hall, opened on 22nd January 1930.

By November 1965 the Guild offered to help fund upgrading the hall heating, which could be erratic, leaving the hall cold for meetings. A warm hall may increase numbers attending too. However some things never change, and in both December 1970, and again in December 1971 comments were made that the hall was very cold! Fortunately our current property convenor has upgraded the heating system with modern boilers keeping all the hall users warm in the winter months.

Following our reminiscing Isabel Donachie, and Dorothy Paterson sang a range of songs,  accompanied by Eileen Marchant on piano, for across the years. A sing song saw the audience join in making a wonderful finale to a great afternoon.

Meetings were held on a Monday evening, and have done so ever since. The full syllabus for this year is available on line at our website

 www.stmungos.freeuk.com/events or contact Agnes Ovenstone 01968 672387   

Penicuik: St. Mungo's Parish Church (Church of Scotland). Scottish Charity No SC005838