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Coach Rev Ian Cathcart, and Gaffer Jackie

Rev John Urquhart

Jackie - The gaffer

Quiz time

More tricky questions

No helping either

Lots of choices to eat

 Faces in the grandstands

All shapes and colours

Teambuilders Holiday Club Family Service 
12 August 2018

Story and photos Jim Paterson

Sandra leads the activity singing
To listen or watch each part, click on the link

St. Mungo’s welcomed families and friends from the North and South churches to a family service that celebrated the completion of another successful holiday club week. Visitors were welcomed to the church decorated with a full stadium of 'faces', on the galleries, pillars and walls. 

Presented by the team who led the holiday club, held in the North Church, we were given an insight and flavour of the content and activities that took place with the children throughout the week.

The Rev John Urquhart, in his role as head tactician welcomed all the visitors and guests to the service, before handing over to ‘the Gaffer’ Jackie to open the Service with the song ‘Our God is a Great Big God’. You can watch the video we followed here.

With the congregation warmed up, We were introduced to the ‘head coach’ Rev Ian Cathcart, who described the various parts of the weeks activities and how we would be shown a few highlights during this Service.  head coach introduction and opening prayer

Sandra then led the Teambuilders song, (watch the video) the theme for this year’s Holiday Club. With children at the front helping Sandra, we were shown the movements to go along with the music, keeping our bodies as well as minds active.

Head coach Ian returned to talk about Joseph and Moses. Putting a new  light on the bible reading, Ian told us how Joseph had 'gifts', but not really a team player. Moses was also gifted, and a good leader but could not delegate jobs to others, and became 'grumpy'. The moral of the story is, if your like Moses and  gifted, do it for the team, give it back to God. If you need to ask other people to help you, because your getting grumpy, just ask.

The lesson from Corinthians 12, was read by a team from all the churches, Margaret, Jackie, Marion, and David. We heard how the body has many parts and each part needs the others to work in harmony. All of us together are the one body of Christ, and each one of us is a separate and necessary part of it.  Corinthians 12

Time for another song, once again with actions to keep us active. Sandra returned with helpers to lead ‘God’s love is Big’. (watch the video)

Each day at holiday club had a time for jokes, and our coach Ian and gaffer Jackie chose a selection to share with us. Most were timeless so whether you were 8 or 88 they still made you laugh.

Jackie then talked about the story of Esther. This led into another song with of course actions. You are a star video featured youngsters singing and playing their ‘air guitars’. Sandra again helped with the actions we had to follow.

A photo montage of the holiday club week at North Church was shown to entertain the congregation, offering an insight to the activities during the week.

Time for a quiz. Ian and Jackie led the questions with some of the children coming up to the front to provide the answers. We were surprised that the children were able to recall son answers to quite tricky questions.  Well done all round.

The offering cash donations will be put in the fund to setup next year’s holiday club.

Our head technician Rev John continued with the theme from Corinthians that Love is what keeps all together, ending with a prayer.

The finale, saw Sandra lead from the front with a host of helpers from the children of the holiday club, leading us all in another  great rendition of the Teambuilders theme song.

Coach Rev Ian closed the Service, allowing us all to head for the BBQ.

Though the weather had been rain during our service it had stopped to allow the brave to use the church hall garden for their BBQ.

BBQ inside to shelter from the rain showers
However most of us stayed inside to enjoy the huge spread of grilled burgers and sausages on a roll with lots of salad garnish. Cakes, cookies and soft drinks helped wash it all down, along with tea and coffee.

A great service showing all our parishioners how learning about God and Jesus can be real fun, if somewhat exhausting for the organisers. 

Published - 14 August 2018
Penicuik: St. Mungo's Parish Church (Church of Scotland). Scottish Charity No SC005838