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Margaret Webster thanks Hugh for his time with us.

Hugh thanks us for the gifts.

Agnes Ovenstone present gift to Hugh

Mary Paterson presents Lillian with flowers

bouquet of flowers

Rev Hugh Davidson Farewell - 30 July 2017

Story and photos Jim Paterson

Grand turnout for farewell lunch to Hugh and Lillian

Sunday 30 July was the final service led by Rev Hugh Davidson, stepping down after almost 4 years as our Locum minister.

Deputy Session Clerk Margaret Webster led the celebration which followed Hugh's service, with over 60 people from the Congregation joining us in the church hall.

Margaret paid tribute to Hugh's dedication to our congregation over almost 4 years, thanking him for his thoughtful teaching with its wisdom and gentle humour; his pastoral visits at home and in hospital were highly valued, as were his services at Cowan Court and also his involvement with PCWT.  All of this and more carried out with grace, patience and good humour.

The members and congregation had collected over £750 which included a theatre voucher which Agnes Ovenstone presented to Hugh.  This allows himself and wife Lillian to select which shows they would like to see.  As one of Hugh and Lillian's favourite pastimes, this gift offers them the opportunity to see many shows locally and further afield.

Charlie and Ruby Sprott presented a gift on behalf of the Sunday School, while Mary Paterson presented a bouquet of flowers to Lillian.

Hugh thanked us for the wonderful gifts and told us how much he had enjoyed his time with us, making many friends along the way.

We then sat down to an excellent lunch prepared by the ladies of the church.

If you think Hugh will slip quietly into retirement, you would be completely wrong. He will be preaching in Edinburgh St. Giles during August while the regular minister takes his summer break.

Gathering lines up for lunch after presentations

We will also see Hugh on the 10th August at Rev John Urquhart induction service, here in St. Mungo's. The work of God never stops and Hugh will continue to play his part in that work.

We will always be indebted to his leadership and guidance in our time of need during our protracted vacancy. God Bless him and his family. A finer man we could not have asked for.
Updated 2 August 2017
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