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Swords ready for action

Peg horses

Pillar of cloud and fire

The puppets helping the story telling

Moses calling the sea to close, after the Israelites had crossed

Lots to eat at the family meal

Messy Church The Great Escape - 25 October 2015

Busy crafting
Messy Church on Sunday 25 October attracted around forty children and parents to join The Great Escape, the story of Moses leading his people from Egypt across the Red Sea. Sheila Anderson and Andrew Don put together the activities and Andrew led the Celebration time later in the church, playing the part of Moses.

The children were treated to making a chariots, swords, shields, pillars and cloud and fire plus many other activities to help them understand the story.

Chariots - Bill Webster and Andrew Don led the chariot building, helping the children to decorate and prepare modified push chairs to become Egyptian Chariots ready for a charge. On completion they were driven around the church hall with the rider waving their sword at the crowds.

Peg Horses - Every chariot needs a horse to pull it and these cardboard cutout horses were decorated and treated to clothe peg legs. We thought about the Israelites and how they felt being pursued by the Egyptians on horseback.

Balloon Swords - Possibly the most popular activity of the afternoon was the balloon sword. Andrew Don led the making, twisting the balloons into shape, long and short, thick and thin. We thought about the Israelites who had no weapons to fight against the Egyptians, and how they must have felt.
Egyptian Shields - Cardboard discs decorated and covered with tinfoil made a worthy shield. But they did not protect the Egyptians when the waters of the Red Sea crashed over them. They did not have God on their side.

Pillars of cloud and fire - The Israelites followed the pillar of  cloud by day which became a pillar of fire by night. The night the Egyptians were chasing the Israelites, God set the pillar between them to protect His people. We made our own pillars and thought about how it must have helped them to 'see' God in this way.

Moses (Andrew Don) calls for the sea to part.
Later we headed for the celebration time in the Church where Sheila related the story, illustrated by a short video. Andrew Don then played the part of Moses and told us how God had instructed him how to lead His people out of Egypt. We used blue towels on the floor to represent the Red Sea and the children made them part to allow the others to walk across. On the other side Moses lowered his staff and the sea (towels) closed back again. We finished with a song before returning to the church hall to enjoy a family meal together.

The next Messy Church will be on Sunday 29th November which will include our Christmas dinner

There will be NO December Messy Church, but there WILL be Fun and Carols in the Town Hall on 11 December 7.00pm to about 8.15pm for all the family.

For  more information on Messy Church contact Katrina McDonald 07872 996906, or Lynne Turnbull 07812 648924.

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