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A Happy Face

Binoculars to see afar

Painty Feet

Lots of crafting

BBQ Grill cooking well

Eating in the sun

Paul Hayes serves fruit dessert.

Messy Church - 25 June 2017

Report and photos - Jim Paterson

This months theme explored the parable of the Prodigal Son, who learned what it is to be lonely and also what it is to be loved and forgiven. A supporting range of crafts and activities, some as part of the celebration time in church, made this a great way to celebrate God. We finished off the afternoon with a barbecue in the church hall garden.

The son in the parable made a choice: he took what was important and went his own way, on a path that led him away from his father, a path full of sin and discomfort. He ended up so hungry that he would have happily eaten the food meant for the pigs.

What did he do? He decided to go back to his father – not as one of his sons, but to be used as a servant, as he had sinned against God and his father. When his father saw him coming, he ran to welcome him – he wanted his son back, no matter what he had done. God feels like this when we take our eyes off him, when we get lost in our sinful nature and turn away from him.

Our craft activities included:

Sad/Happy faces - using fly swats to create a face, thinking how the son might have felt as he walked home, and what he was sorry for. How do we feel when we know we have to say sorry?

Seen from Afar. Binoculars - we made binoculars from two tubes taped together, decorated, with a ribbon or string to hang them from. What can they see? We talked about the father who was scanning the horizon for his son, hoping he would come back, then  about things or people we have watched out for/looked for.

Welcome Gate - used the sticks to make a gate, decorating and adding the word “welcome” and maybe you name. We talked about the father waiting at the gate for his son to return. The gate marks something the son was afraid of (the place where he would have to ask for forgiveness). But it also is the entrance to the father’s loving embrace.

Family Tree - We drew members of our family on a separate piece of card and hung them on the tree, while talking about our heavenly father who loves us and watches out for us.

Painty Feet Picture - the children painted one foot a happy colour, the other one a sad colour on  to a sheet of card. We talked about how some colours look cheerful, others look sad. When have we felt happy/sad? When did the people in the story feel happy/sad? When did they change?

Sheila Anderson welcomed us to the Celebration Time in the church. Andrew Don led the story of the prodigal son, but with a twist. We had lots of actions and movement as part of the story. We heard about the farmers son's with everyone joining in for the eating, sleeping, and  party time actions in the church,
finishing with the Fischy Music song 'Bring it all to Me'.

Soon it was time to return to the BBQ where John Jacobs and Iain Anderson had been busy creating lots of nice things to eat. Lots of stories to tell and fun to be had in the garden under the sunshine. 

Lookout for Messy Church fun day in the park at the end of August.

Until then have a great summer holiday

Messy Church is an ideal for families with children. A fun way to learn about God and Jesus through stories, song and crafts.

For  more information on Messy Church contact
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