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Messy Church  'Two Charcoal Fires' - 29 April 

Report and photos - Jim Paterson

'Two Charcoal Fires' was the the theme for the April Messy Church on Sunday 29th. The reference to the two fires appears only twice in the Bible,  John 18, 15-15 and John  21. The first fire was built by the enemies of Christ (18:18), and the second was built by Jesus Himself (21:9).

In the first He was on trial for His life (John 18:27; cf. Luke 22:61), when Peter denied the Lord three times, just as Jesus had predicted (18:17,25,26), and fell into sin. In the second Jesus has conquered death (21:1), and Peter affirmed his love for the Lord three times, and was reinstated (21: 15,16,17).

The resurrected Christ forgives and feeds. Our responsibility is to be forgiven, to be fed, and then to forgive and feed. What can we do when we have doubts ourselves?
How can we support the folks who come along who have doubts about Jesus and what he offers? and how can we help them grow in understanding?

Our activities included

Make a fire - The children took an upside down plastic cup, covering it with  crumpled  tissue to resemble a fire. We used a battery powered night light on the base, to look like “fire” We talked about how often do we get drawn into a conversation, or even just watching something, because we are curious? Some people in the bible story had no love of Jesus, and were hoping that he would be punished for, as they saw it, stirring up trouble.

Folded Card Cockerel - We made a cockerel shape, and talked about what Jesus had told Peter what would happen and Peter didn’t believe him – how did we think Peter felt when the cock crowed? Did we think God forgave him?

Wounded hands - We cut out and coloured the hands then stuck them to another sheet of card, along with the “Stop doubting” strip. We talked about Thomas needing to see the wounds. Is it easy for us to believe difficult things, to take things on trust? How do we know we can trust Jesus? Do we understand we can always trust him, or is that still too hard?

Fishing boats - This was a good one that we carried out in the garden under the sunshine. We made fishing boats from foam tubing, and sails from card. We blew into the sails to propel the boats across the water.  We talked about how the fishermen knew all about boats – did our boat sail well, if at all?  They knew all about fishing – and they knew that sometimes you try really hard and don’t catch anything. What did we think they felt like when Jesus told them they were to go and catch men?

Large poster/collage - We coloured and decorated a large poster of Jesus on the shore with fishing net, talking about what the disciples might have felt like when Jesus appeared on the shore.

Invitation cards - As we had been thinking about being fishers of men, and going out to bring in more people, it would be good if people took away some invitation cards. We made cards to give  to someone who might come along to Messy Church next time. We talked about who they might invite, and why, whether that’s easy or scary, and how we can help them with that.

Celebration Time in the church was led by Rev Andrew Don and Sheila Anderson recalling the story of Peter and doubting Thomas,
using the large poster of Jesus on the shore next to the charcoal fire to illustrate their talk.

We finished with a prayer before returning for a meal with all the families and talking of what we had learned today.

Next March Messy church will be on Sunday 27th May

For  more information on Messy Church contact
Joan Cape 674276 capefamily@talktalk.net

Published - 30 April 2018

Penicuik: St. Mungo's Parish Church (Church of Scotland). Scottish Charity No SC005838