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busy crafting


Mega bridge towers upwards

busy bridge builders

triangular strength - recall Father Son and Holy Spirit

rice cake clock faces

Rae Hunter boxes of worries

Sophie reads Bible story

Joan Cape tells the story

Messy BBQ - 26 June 2016 

The clouds had gathered overhead by time the Messy Church started at 4.00pm, with the rain falling, but did nothing to dampen the craft activities and celebration time in the church. Iain Anderson carried on at the BBQ in the garden as the rain eased, and we enjoyed a great selection of 'grills' for the meal.

Worry, anxiety, panic, fear and all sorts of things that weigh us down. Not so the liberating assurance of new life in God’s Kingdom. So is this Jesus’ teaching against worry, or is He deliberately highlighting things people do worry about, and asking us to look again at the things that preoccupy us and sometimes cause us to neglect matters of equal or even greater importance.

A range of crafts followed the theme ' How to handle your worries'. to prevent worries making us unproductive, unhelpful and unwell. These verses in Matthew 6 show us the heavenly perspective. Jesus states simply:” do not worry”. When faced with a problem, our only solution is to focus on him, trust him and seek him first before we do anything else. When we do that, our situation may not radically change overnight, but we can be sure our perspective on it will.

3D Paper Flowers resulted in spectacular displays, made from three or four different cupcake cases as flowers with pipe cleaner stems. We talked about our favourite flower in the vase. What colour is it? How does it smell? What do you like about it? Is there a reason God makes flowers certain shapes and colours?

Newspaper Bridge was a real construction exercise, using tape the newspaper to make a bridge strong enough to hold many tins of food. What can we do to make the bridge stronger? We talked about how we sometimes try to carry too heavy a burden. One group 
strengthened their bridge with triangular sections, like Father, Son, and Holy Spirit strengthen us.  

Bubble Worries got us wet and sticky mixing bubble liquid in a paddling pool, using different objects to experiment with ways to make bubbles. The results were hilarious as we talked about how just as the bubbles fly away, so can our worries when we give them to God.

Bird Cake was another get your hands sticky and gloopy, filling a paper cup with bird seed and then decorating the outside of the cup with stickers. A string on the bottom of the cup finished off the feeder to hang on a tree branch at home. We talked about how God feeds the birds? What do they eat and where does it come from? What about us? Who feeds us?

Grass Head looked a bit like a Mr potato head, but in fact was a length of ladies old tights cut below the the knee and filled with grass seed mixed with sawdust. At home, the children were to fill the plastic cup with water and place the grass head on top of it so the fabric soaks up the water and the grass will begin to grow. We talked about what is needed to make plants grow, and how God provides those things?

Rice Cake Clock had us spread cheese over top of rice cake, placing small pieces of vegetable round the edge to make a clock face, and different longer vegetable pieces in the middle of the rice cake to make clock hands. We thought about time, and what we would do with an extra hour if we could have it? Are there things we could do without, or do less of, or do more efficiently.

Joan Cape led the Celebration Time in the church, talking about handling our worries, while Sophie McDonald read a passage from the Bible. Rae Hunter brought along a 'kit bag' full of boxes containing all her 'worries' telling the children what they all were. One box had worries of what to take on holiday, another with worries of what the future may hold.  We sang the song ' Do not worry about anything'  which tells us to pray and ask God for everything we need. When we pray to always give thanks, and the peace of God will keep our mind on Jesus.

Mealtime and a chance to swap experiences
Returning to the hall for the BBQ the rain had all but stopped. Iain Anderson and Neil Cape had been busy outside barbecuing the burgers and sausages which we served inside with a salad and a selection of toppings and dressings. A dessert selection of cup cake sponges with chocolate or vanilla cream followed.

Messy Church at St. Mungo's heads off on summer holiday, returning on the 28th August for the start of the autumn season. Everyone was wished a happy summer holiday before they left for home.

For information on Messy Church contact Joan Cape 674276 capefamily@talktalk.net

Barbecue time with Iain Anderson on the grill
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