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Feeling whats in the box

All busy crafting


Charlie and Jim being creative

salt on ice crackling

getting sticky with the glue

Light of Mine dancing light bulb

Joan, Rae and Tortoise

Lighting the candles

What is the answer

Rae shines her light

Messy Salt and Light  - 30 October 2016 

This months 'Salt and Light' took its theme from Matthew 5 verses 13-16. The Bible extract talks of us as salt to the world. We think of those little blue sachets of salt you get in some packets of crisps. The crisps are ok until you put the salt in and shake it about, and then they are awesome. Hiding ourselves away is like salt losing its flavour. If we as Christians don’t make an effort to affect the world around us, we are of little value to God. We are not here to blend in with everyone else, far less to hide away. We are here to encourage people to change for the better, to bring out the best in them just as salt does with food.

Hallowe’en is a dark time, but we are here to bring light. We need to show others what Christ is like. We need to be the city on a hill shining out around our communities. Let’s open the curtains, turn on the lights and open our doors to the opportunities on our doorsteps. Let your light shine and claim the night back for God.

Do we allow our light to shine out, or do we choose to “hide it under a bucket”?
How can we shine more brightly? How do we add “flavour” to the community?

selection of crafts for all to see
Our crafts this month included

Messy modelling - Salt dough. We put salt, flour and water into a mixing bowl, and mixed them together with our hands. Having made a firm ball of dough and rolled out it on the table, we made something of your choice, putting it on a paper plate to take home, along with instructions for oven drying.

We talked about how the salt changes the flour and water mixture, and what were our special characteristics?

Messy “baking”: Candle cake - This is the one you can eat! We mixed icing with some water in a cup and used it to cover a mini roll.  Then we topped it of with a small blob of yellow or orange icing to work into the shape of a candle flame 

Hidden in the darkness - Scratch art. We carefully scratched away the matt black surface of a card in a shape of our choice, say a cross or a face, to reveal the colours beneath. We talked about the colours that are hidden beneath the dark surface. We can’t see them until the scratching reveals them. What did Jesus mean when he talked about us hiding our light?

What’s there? Here we had a box with two holes cut out for hands to go through
WE had to identify various objects inside the box, feeling them with our hands.

We talked about how it’s easier to identify things when we can see them. What did Jesus mean when he said “Your light must shine before people, so that they will see the good things you do, and praise your Father in Heaven.” Can people see God more easily when they look at the things we do?

Lighting the way - Here we made a lighthouse, decorating the white cup with felt pens and strips of coloured paper. Turning the cup upside down a tea light was put on the base of the cup, (now the top) – you may want to secure it with a blob of blutack. Place a clear cup (upside down) over this to make a lighthouse!

We talked about why the light shines out of the lighthouse. Would the lighthouse be of any use if the light was hidden? What would happen if the light was hidden?

A light to share - We started with a  jar. Covering thinly with glue, we used string to make a pattern, in a cross shape, or even a happy face. Rolling the jar in Epsom salts, before the string was carefully peeled off. This should leave a clear pattern in the salts.

We talked about turnip lanterns with scary faces. How would we feel if that was staring out of people’s windows at you on a dark night? Wouldn’t it be nicer to light our windows with something pretty, or friendly, or showing God’s message in some way. We could even make our turnip lanterns with smiley faces if we’ve not already made them.

The celebration time in the church had us learn more about how good salt and light are in our lives. We sang along to a video of 'Light of the World' with actions, and after hearing the story from Joan Cape and Rae Hunter 'This Little Light of Mine' performed by a dancing light bulb! Amazing what you see at Messy Church.

After lighting small candles with a prayer to a friend in need, we headed back for a family meal in the church hall.

The December Messy Church will be Sunday 27th November.  4.00 to 6.00pm

For more information on Messy Church

Contact: Joan Cape 674276 capefamily@talktalk.net
              Katrina McDonald  kmcd11@yahoo.co.uk

Dancing in the church
Penicuik: St. Mungo's Parish Church (Church of Scotland). Scottish Charity No SC005838