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Stained glass lamp

Story Teller

Christmas Angels

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This is really sticky

Joan points out the gifts for the children to take away after their meal.

Messy Christmas  - 26 November 2017

All busy crafting

Our theme  for the Christmas edition of Messy Church was to 'Remember what's really important about Christmas' We learned about Christmas, but with our focus on Joseph and his role in this, the greatest story of all time. There’s not much written about Joseph, however one thing is sure: he obeyed God, and generally without question. Angels appeared to Joseph before Jesus was born, after Jesus was born, telling him to go to Egypt, and then in Egypt telling him it was safe to go back to Nazareth. Joseph teaches us about true obedience even in circumstances beyond our control.

The activities we held in the church hall included

Stained Glass Ornaments - We covered acetate sheets formed into cylinders  with different coloured pieces of tissue paper, sometimes sticking a letter “J” onto it. Then placed a tea light inside, or added a ribbon loop so it could hang in the window or on the Christmas tree. We talked about how Joseph played a big part in the nativity story, and was obedient to God’s will. Did we think the letter “J” was for “Jesus” ,or could it be  “Joseph”?

Christmas Storyteller - We coloured in sheets with characters of the Christmas Story. We then folded the sheet to make the story tellers. Tricky one this and the younger you were the easier they managed!!! We talked about how we could use this to share the story with others.

Our Christmas Family - Each person was given a paper plate and a white crayon. They then wrote their name in the middle of the plate. When the plate was then painted green their name stood out through the paint. When the plates were dry we arranged them to make our own family Christmas tree on the wall of the hall. We talked about families, and how they are all made up in different ways. Does Messy Church feel like “family”?

Christmas Angels -  This is the edible craft! We took a marshmallow; added a Malteser head, sticking it on with icing.  Adding a white chocolate button, made the halo and wings. These are very small, and quickly made so easy to make three angels: one for the angel who helped Joseph understand what he should do when he learned Mary was going to have a baby, one for the angel who told him to take the family to Egypt, and one for the angel who told him it was safe to go home again to Nazareth. We talked about who we like to eat Christmas dinner with, and what it must feel like to be in a strange place at this special time…… the Holy family, refugees, our own experiences.

Lolly Stick Stable -  After looking at pictures of the stable we made a stable/nativity scene using the lolly sticks and other available materials. We talked about the stable, and what we thought it was like to have to stay there?  to have a baby there? Are there people today in this kind of situation (the homeless, the refugees etc) – and how can we help them?

Pipe Cleaner Stars - We used pipe cleaners to shape into a star, then talked about the star that showed the way to Jesus in Bethlehem.

Our time of celebration in the church was led by Margaret Webster and Rae Hunter. Margaret handed out M&M sweets to all the children, one to eat and one to follow her story. First we held the sweet to show the letter E, and talked about what it meant. E is for East, the star telling the wise men where the baby Jesus was born. Turning to the letter M for manger, where the baby Jesus was born in the stable in Bethlehem. Turning to show the number 3, is for three wise men following the star to Bethlehem to meet the new born king, and saviour, Jesus.  Finally turning once again to show the letter W, for worship. We all worship the new son of God, Jesus, through song and our actions.

We watched, listened and sang along to the Graham Kendrick song 'This Child' which was followed by another favourite 'Band of Angels' which had lots of actions for the children to follow.

Helpers for Rae telling the Christmas story
Rae Hunter told the Christmas story, with the help of some of the children to act out the parts. A closing prayer before we headed back to the church hall where Joan, Neil, Mo and Paul had been busy preparing a grand Christmas meal which everyone enjoyed, while talking about what we learned today at Messy Church.

This is the last Messy Church for this year, but there will be a Hope for Penicuik Family Carol Event on Friday 15th in the Town Hall. Everyone, young and old welcome.

A Happy Christmas to all Messy Church families - see you in the New Year.

For more information on Messy Church

Contact: Joan Cape 674276 capefamily@talktalk.net
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Published - 27 November 2017

Penicuik: St. Mungo's Parish Church (Church of Scotland). Scottish Charity No SC005838