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Nominating Committee Elected - 1  November 2015

Our Interim moderator Yvonne Atkins led the service on Sunday 1st November after which the members of St. Mungo's elected the 13 members of the Nominating Committee who will be charged with seeking a new minister to fill our current vacancy.

Yvonne's service highlighted the Church of Scotland laws and rules that we have to follow, to ensure we carry out the task correctly. These laws have changed since our last vacancy so it is important that we carry out the process under the new rules.

Taking the theme of 'Laws',Yvonne explained how laws have always changed throughout the ages, but some have been missed like, Illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas Day, introduced by Oliver Cromwell, Legal to kill a Scotsman in York, but only if within the city walls, and he is carrying a bow and arrow. Possibly the most bizarre she mentioned was sticking a stamp upside down on your letter, with The Queen's head upside down, is an act of treason. We all know what happens for that misdemeanour - 'off to the tower, or even 'off with his head''  None of these, and more have been struck from the statute book, so technically are still available to the judiciary.

After the service the congregation elected the following 13 members as the Nominating Committee

Margaret BlackGordon MacDonald
Joan CapeAgnes Ovenstone
Neil CapeMary Paterson
Janis HoggSandy Robertson
Christine Jackson Bill Webster
Elaine JacobsMargaret Webster
John Jacobs

The new committee will meet with our Interim Moderator, the Rev Yvonne Atkins to be briefed on their role, and be presented with the Parish Profile, recently agreed with the Kirk Session.

The Presbytery Advisory Committee will also meet with the Nominating Committee to ensure that we at St. Mungo's have completed all the preliminaries, and may proceed with their role.

We will then publish our Parish Profile and advertise the vacancy across the various media channels available.

of Scotland). Scottish Charity No SC005838