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Agnes & Gordon lead the questions.

Pam & Sandy converse over a finer point.

Time for refreshing cup of tea

With home baking as well.

This is just too hard for us, cry Brainless Wonders!

Agnes presents prize to Margaret Coull.

Inter Church Quiz night - 22 May 2017

Story and Photos - Jim Paterson
Five teams pitted their wits and scratched their heads over the range of brain teasers at the annual inter Penicuik churches quiz night on Monday 22nd May.

Teams from the other churches in Penicuik, were supplemented with a few of St. Mungo's members to balance the field a bit. The five teams formed up, calling themselves 'The Young Ones', 'Barbecued Ribs', 'Smart Water', 'Brainless Wonders', and 'Six of the Best.

Questions, presented by our resident question master Gordon MacDonald, included General Knowledge, History, Bible,  Acronyms, Music, Miscellaneous, and two sets of mixed multiple choice. Agnes Ovenstone was in charge of keeping the scores and league table.

I joined  the 'Six of the Best' team, which seemed a good name at the time, but a lot can happen in a quiz night.

History can be a bit daunting, but we started well with 'Which monarch was on the throne during the Great fire of London?' Fortunately quizmaster Gordon MacDonald and his partner in this venture, Agnes Ovenstone, chose to offer a multi choice option, with choices ranging from James, to Charles and William. Our team opted to go for Charles 2nd, as one of the team was into history. Good start, but can we keep it up. The answer was yes, at least for the first few questions.  'What is the name of Batman's butler? threw us a bit The butler did appear first in 1949, so all you Batman fans will know right away. Of course it's Alfred.

Geography usually tests knowledge of where places are in the world, but we were closer to home when asked what countries comprise the British Isles? Now does that include northern and southern Ireland? Of course it does! One point gained at least. Trickier was the population of the United Kingdom. Well first, the UK is not the same as the British Isles, the UK does not include Ireland. 40, 50, 60, or 70 million? We hit gold again at 60 million.

The questions rolled on and we swapped papers with other teams for marking, no cheating going on in this church! At times our scores seemed unduly low, as we thought we could do better. however we weren't the only teams to receive the 'Must do Better' response. Our colleagues 'The Young Ones' did seem to receive the comment a few times more than the others!.

A well earned break half way for refreshments, baked especially by some of the ladies on the teams, revived us for the second act. I say 'act' as it became evermore obvious to Six of the Best, that we could do a lot better.

The questions became a little more head scratching. With highest mountain in the UK, and longest river in England, more and more blank stares started to fill the room. Do you know the name of a famous London bus?

No church quiz would be complete without a few Bible questions and our Rev Hugh Davidson had compiled a few teasers for us.

Five from the Old Testament included, 'How many verses in the 117th Psalm'? Only 2 actually. The New Testament head scratcher was 'Who wrote a quarter of the entire New Testament'? Many thought of Paul, and his many letters to other churches, but in fact it is Luke's pen that worked overtime, writing Luke's Gospel and Acts, just over 25% of the NT

The time for totting up the final scores was made by our score master Agnes Ovenstone and we were not surprised to find 'Smart Water' from St. James the Less
right up there again. Margaret Coull collected the trophy 'Smart Alec' teddy bear. Margaret has picked up the trophy 4 out of the 5 past years.

So the current holders St. Mungo's, especially our Six of the Best team will have to do some serious swatting up before we meet again next year.

Thanks to all who took part, and made the evening great fun.  You should try it next time. No need to be an egg head, though if you are, please join our team. 

Penicuik: St. Mungo's Parish Church (Church of Scotland). Scottish Charity No SC005838