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You can now submit your prayer requests to the prayer team using this website. Simply click on the link and fill in the simple request form. You do not have to be a member of St Mungo's or any other church to request a prayer.
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Bible Study Group 

Meets on second and fourth Mondays at 7.30pm in the church hall. A warm welcome awaits you. [more]

WOULD YOU LIKE to have Christians from churches in Midlothian praying for you or for someone you are concerned about?

In response to just this need our local presbytery has set up three local Prayer Chains.

Requests for prayer are passed around churches by phone; and individuals & groups pray confidentially for the people & situations they’ve been told about. If you’d like to put a request on to the prayer chain, either for yourself or for someone else, please contact Bill Webster (tel. 672347 or e-mail billandmags@talktalk.net).

Contact Bill or Margaret if you owuld like a pastoral visit, whatever your request.
We are here to help.

12 November 2017

We remember those who have sacrificed themselves or been maimed, defending our freedom in the face of those who would do us harm.

St. Mungo's will host the British Legion Remembrance Service on Sunday 12th starting at 10.45am, to mark the 2 minute silence at 11.00am.

November 2017

Welcome to this issue of Prayer Prompts. You’ll find personal and local situations highlighted as well as national and international issues. They’re all part of God’s world, and He cares about them all.

MONDAY 30 OCTOBER  Please pray for wise & just resolutions to the crises in Catalonia & Iraqi Kurdistan, so that in each case the rights of everyone involved can be respected without any side resorting to violence or unnecessary conflict.


Father God, we come to you in the knowledge that we are not only loved,
but that there is no one who will love us more.

Thank you that we can come as we are, knowing that you will accept us.

Father, thank you that you want to set us free from everything that makes us feel guilty or ashamed and from everything that fills us with fear.

Thank you that we can be your children – not because we are worthy but just because you love us.

Thank you, Father God,

[Published prayers adapted from David Clowes: 500 (more) prayers for all occasions]

WEDNESDAY 1 NOVEMBER  Please pray for all the churches in & around Penicuik, asking God to open our minds to the ways He wants us to serve Him & to take His love to the people round about us & beyond.

And please pray particularly for our friends in the North Kirk, that together they will see clearly the direction that God wants them to go in at this point.

Let’s pray for the members of Lothian Presbytery, particularly for its Forward Planning Group, as they wrestle with big questions about how best to deploy human resources (especially parish ministers), as well as buildings & money, in the changed situation we are now confronted with nationally.

And please pray for the people in John’s previous congregation at Craigmillar Park, Edinburgh. Ask God to show them the way forward as they work out how best to serve Him in a very different situation.

Please continue to pray for the Rohingya people; more than half a million have been forced to flee their homes in Myanmar to seek refuge in Bangladesh. According to the UNHCR there is an urgent need for emergency shelters & core relief items as ever more refugees arrive.

St Mungo’s Kirk Session meets tomorrow evening. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will guide the discussion & all the decisions taken there, so that we can move towards becoming the church that Jesus wants us to be.
Please pray today & tomorrow for the people World Vision is trying to help in Senegal. They include Mame (7), who has had breathing difficulties since she was small. Nights are especially bad for her, & doctors can’t find the cause of the problem. We are asked to pray that God cures Mame & that He gives her parents strength & guidance to be able to help her.

Please pray today for Ibou (also from Senegal) who had an accident while riding the family horse. He was severely injured & even though he received medical treatment, there are fears that he might not fully recover. Please pray for complete healing for Ibou & that he doesn’t suffer any permanent injuries.

Pray for the residents in High Bank Care Home at Eskbank, that they will be well looked after & feel wanted. And for the staff, that they will be happy in their work and have the energy they need to do it well.

Yemen is being ravaged by civil war; some districts are too dangerous for aid agencies to operate in. Tearfund ask us to pray that it will become possible for food, water & medicine to reach families in these areas. And for an end to air strikes, which are claiming innocent lives & destroying homes.


Father, thank you for being so ready to forgive me whenever I turn to you and admit my need.

Thank you that no matter who I am or what I have done or failed to do, I can experience the joy of forgiveness and beginning again.

Thank you for every person who shares your love with me and for everyone who shows the reality of the love of Jesus in what they say and do.

Thank you, Father God,


SUNDAY 12 NOVEMBER   Please continue to pray for everyone affected by natural catastrophes in recent months, including the floods in south Asia, the earthquakes in Mexico & the hurricanes in the Caribbean. These have all been major disasters, but it is even especially hard for third-world countries to recover; please pray that we in the rich countries will support the many millions who can’t help themselves.

Please pray for the residents of Baldwin Court, that they will be able to enjoy their continuing independence and also benefit from the community facilities offered there if they want to.

Let’s thank God for the 3 foodbanks in Penicuik, operating in their different ways out of St Mungo’s Hall, the North Kirk & the Sacred Heart Church. Pray that they will be able to meet the needs of the people who come to them for help – which often go well beyond a lack of food.

Please pray for the varied & essential work done by the Red Cross locally & internationally: first aid, responding to emergencies, preparing for disasters, finding missing families, health & social care, protecting people caught up in conflict & supporting refugees. (Fro more info, go to www.redcross.org.uk).

Please pray for people in parts of the world affected by terrorism (like Nigeria & Cameroon) or civil war (South Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Congo), that they will soon be able to live their lives in peace.


Forgive me, Lord, when I know you are calling me but I don’t want to listen;
when I know I should pray but I have left you no time;
when your word is before me but I am afraid you will speak;
when you teach me to pray “forgive us as we forgive others”
but the truth is I don’t really mean it!

But I need to know that I am accepted, loved and forgiven.

By your grace, help me to become the person you want me to be,


SATURDAY 18 NOVEMBER   It’s 3½ years since almost 300 mainly Christian teenage girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram in northern Nigeria. Many have now been released, but over 100 are still being held. Please pray that they will also be released soon & that no-one will find their lives blighted by their experiences.

This month the Barnabas Fund ask us to pray for Christians in Eritrea, where they face systematic, ongoing repression, long prison sentences & often torture. Please pray for a change of heart on the part of the authorities there, & for God’s comfort & strength for those who are suffering at the moment.

Pray for the residents in Nazareth House Care Home at Eskbank, that they will be well looked after & feel wanted. And for the staff, that they will be happy in their work and have the energy they need to do it well.

Please pray for the members of the European Parliament, that they will always act with wisdom and fairness. And also for everyone in positions of responsibility in the two other major institutions of the EU, the Council of Ministers and the Commission.

The next Messy Church takes place in St Mungo’s Hall next Sunday (4-6pm). Let’s thank God for this outreach event at which parents & children can learn about the Gospel in a relaxed & natural way, & find out about God’s love for themselves. And pray that new people will come along.

Let’s thank God for Edinburgh Street Pastors, who have been out & about on the streets, helping to keep people safe & happy every weekend since 2009. Please pray that they will be able to recruit the extra volunteers they need to expand their work, so that God’s love & care can be passed on to even more people.

Please continue to pray that both sides will bring goodwill & commonsense to the Brexit negotiations so that an outcome is reached that is both fair & practicable.

Please continue to pray for the peoples of the middle east, some of them pitted against each other by war, civil war or the prospect of war; others living under cruel & authoritarian governments. Pray that the Holy Spirit will bring reconciliation where there is hatred & justice where there is oppression.

Crossreach (the social care arm of the CofS) is involved in several aspects of the criminal justice system. Thank God for the Dick Stewart Service in Glasgow, which provides support to offenders either as an alternative to custody or towards the end of a prison sentence. Please pray that the people using the service will be able to make better & different choices in the future.

Thank God too for the Prison Visitors’ Support & Advice Centre at Perth Prison, also run by Crossreach. It works to ensure that visits are as positive as possible, & provides help to families of those in prison with literacy skills, benefitsTUESDAY 28 NOVEMBER   

Father God, I commit myself to love those in need of affection,
to hold those who are hurting,
to listen to those who are lonely,
to stand with those who are standing alone
and to walk with those who have lost their way home.

Give me your compassion, your wisdom and your strength,
so that I may be Christ to my neighbour.

AMEN advice, parenting skills & general information. Please pray that all of this will continue to be helpful & effective.


Father God, I commit myself to love those in need of affection,
to hold those who are hurting,
to listen to those who are lonely,
to stand with those who are standing alone
and to walk with those who have lost their way home.

Give me your compassion, your wisdom and your strength,
so that I may be Christ to my neighbour.


WEDNESDAY 29 NOVEMBER  Thank God for the many carers, both paid and unpaid, in our community. And pray that they will always have the strength, support & resources they need.

Tearfund ask us to pray for the people of Burundi. Especially for an end to political violence, so that the country can begin to function better. (It is one of the poorest countries in the world). Please pray too that fuel shortages will ease & that healthcare services (which are currently being cut) will be restored to acceptable levels.

On World Aids Day, Christian Aid ask us to pray that all those affected by HIV & AIDS would feel supported and loved throughout the year & particularly on this day. Let’s thank God too for the effective medications that have been developed & pray for an end to stigma & discrimination against people who have contracted HIV or AIDS.

This month the Leprosy Mission (TLP) ask us to pray for their work in Bangladesh, especially for their Ultra Poverty Initiative Project (UPIP), which targets people with leprosy-related disabilities. This group is considerably poorer even than their fellow-Bangladeshis who themselves live in one of the poorest countries in the world; the UPIP is there to help people who have – literally – next to nothing, help themselves.

TLP also ask us to pray for the women living at their Hagar Centre, a short-term shelter for women excluded from their families because of leprosy or domestic violence. Please pray that where they have court cases pending, these will be dealt with quickly & they will experience justice.

Please use as many of these suggestions as you can, and please let me know if there is anyone or anything you would like to see included in future months. 
Bill  (billandmags@talktalk.net or 672347).

Published - 30 October 2017

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