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Erecting the Clock
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Erecting The Church Clock

The Church clock that still tells the time for the people of Penicuik, or Pennycuick as it was then known, was erected in 1844. It took 3 years, from 1840 to 1843 to collect the 63.5s.2d to purchase and erect the clock and bells in the tower.

This page is a transcript of the financial account of the project produced by John Cowan, of Alex Cowan & Sons, Papermakers, Penicuik dated 1 November 1844.

All subscribers lived in Penicuik, unless otherwise shown. The amounts are shown in the currency of the day, namely .s.d, i.e. Pounds, Shillings and Pence, where 12 pence make one shilling and 20 shillings make one pound. The sum of 1.1.0 or multiples thereof were known as "guineas", thus Alex Cowan & son made the major donation at 15 guineas. This is not surprising being the main industry and a major employer in the town at the time.


Name Occupation Amount .s.d
Abernethy, David Baker 1.0.0
Abernethy, Thomas, L Linendraper, Edinburgh 1.1.0
Abernethy,Thomas Baker 0.5.0
Brown, James Papermaker, Eskmills 5.5.0
Brown, Mrs Druggist 0.5.0
Cowan, Alex & Sons Papermakers 15.15.0
Dawson, William Schoolmaster 0.7.6
Finlayson, Andrew Spirit-dealer 0.5.0
Friend, A   0.1.0
Hill, Clark Pensioner 0.5.0
Hill, John Meal dealer 0.5.0
Hill, Helen Provision dealer 0.1.0
Henderson, James Spirit dealer 0.5.0
Johnstone, George Baker 0.10.0
Jones, Miss Dressmaker 0.3.0
Jenkinson, Michael Postmaster 0.5.0
Lawson, John Portioner 0.5.0
Moncrieff, Rev W.Scott Minister 2.0.0
Melrose, Andrew Merchant, Edinburgh 1.1.0
Manson, James Forrester 0.5.0
Muir, William Shoemaker 0.1.0
Madden, Henry R M.D. (Doctor) 1.0.0
McGill, Mrs & Sons Smiths 1.0.0
McKenzie, Duncan Spirit dealer 0.5.0
Paterson, Andrew Founder 1.0.0
Pattison, Alex Proprietor 0.10.0
Piper, John Proprietor 0.10.0
Piper, John, junior Draper 0.10.0
Ramage, Adam Papermaker, Valleyfield 0.5.0
Robertson, John Saddler 0.5.0
Symington, J & Sons Fleshers 1.0.0
Sharp, William, junior Tailor 0.1.0
Stevenson, Daniel Nailer 0.2.6
Stewart, Robert Innkeeper 1.0.0
Stewart, Malcolm Clerk, Valleyfield 0.10.0
Thompson, Mrs Anna Maria Clerk, Valleyfield 1.1.0
Thomson, James Tailor 0.1.0
Tait, James Wright 0.5.0
Thorburn, James Contractor, Edinburgh 0.5.0
Walker, William Draper 0.5.0
Wallace, Robert Spirit dealer 0.2.6
Wilson, John Baker 1.0.0
Wilson, William Painter 0.2.6
Bank Interest 1 July 1840
to 10 Nov 1843
Less interest on treasurers outlay 10 Nov 1843
to 1 Nov 1844
Total   2.6.0
Deficiency paid by Messrs Cowan, Valleyfield Mills 20.8.2
SUM 63.5.2


10 Nov 1843 James Ritchie and Son for Clock, Bell, and fitting up 51.3.6
21 March 1844 James Tait for Boxes of Clock, Bell etc 8.9.10
21 March 1844 James Tait, plumber work 2.8.4
21 March 1844 James Tait, smith work 0.2.11
21 March 1844 John Linton, slater work on belfry 0.2.7
21 March 1844 William Wilson, plaster work 0.8.0
5 Nov 1844 Paid for printing of statement (of accounts) 0.10.0
SUM   63.5.2


I beg to hand you, as one of the Subscribers to the Clock erected on Pennycuick Church last year, an Account of the Receipts and Expenditure for that purpose. The vouchers for the payments may be seen till 1st December next, at the shop of Mr. John Piper Jun.

I am, Sir,
Your obedient Servant,


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